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Discover the Success Formula: 
Discover the Success Formula: 
  • PREPARATION PHASE: ​Learn what it means to prepare and build your business infrastructure for success.
  • PROMOTION PHASE: Discover how marketing and relationship building in the government market is different from the private sector.
  • PROPOSAL PHASE: This phase is about finding opportunities, setting up your win strategy, and responding to bids and solicitations. 
  • PERFORMANCE PHASE: Discover how to perform, stay in compliance and close out your projects.
  • PROFIT PHASE: The profit phase is a direct result of you successfully executing the above four phases.  
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Discover the 12 Proven Steps that have helped others to succeed.
Discover the 12 Proven Steps that have helped others to succeed
  • 1) A = ASSESSMENT : Figure out where you're at and if government contracting is right for you.
  • 2) S = STRATEGY : Develop a short term and long term plan bench marking after successful companies.
  • 3) E = EDUCATION : Learn to speak the language of contracting, which we call "governese."
  • 4) R = REGISTRATION : There are lots of registration points and certifications to apply for. 
  • 5) I = IMAGE : Your brand and your image is important. Learn to make a good first impression with your marketing collateral.
  • 6) M = MARKETING : Discover how to market to government buyers, who to speak with, and how to engage them.
  • 7) R = RELATIONSHIP : The key to success is dependent on how strong the relationships you build. 
  • 8) O = OPPORTUNITY : Learn how to find opportunities: past awards, current projects and future forecasts.
  • 9) P = PROPOSAL : This step is about your response to what government buyers are looking for.
  • 10) P = PERFORMANCE : When you're awarded a contract, now it's time to deliver your product or service.
  • 11) C = COMPLIANCE : There are rules and regulations which you must follow and reports which you must file. 
  • 12) C = CLOSURE : As you finish out the project, ensure that you properly close out the project so that you'll receive a great review.
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  • REGISTRATION GUIDE: Receive a guide on how to register for contracting work with the federal government.
  • BEGIN WITH THE END IN MIND:​As you get started, see what the end should look like.
  • 11 IMPORTANT QUESTIONS:​ Ask yourself these 11 questions to see if you're ready for gov't contracting.
  • GOVERNESE QUIZ:​ Take a fun quiz to see if you speak "governese," the language of contracting. 
  • CONTRACTING TEAM: Discover what roles you'll need to build a strong government contracting team/department.
  • PROPOSAL TOOLS:​ Receive proposal assessment tools to see if a project is a "Go or No Go".
  • KEYS TO SUCCESS: Discover 7 Keys that successful companies know and you should too.
  • CONTRACTING FACTS: Learn the 25 Reasons why you should expand your business in the government market.
  • 20 POINT CONTRACT ASSESSMENT: Use this tool to perform a 20 point assessment on your business..
  • WAWF / INVOICING GUIDE: Receive a guide on how to set up Wide Area Work Flow to receive payment.
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